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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!

----- 2020 -----

大提琴协奏曲《致英雄·致爱情(楚辞)》      李博禅
Cello Concerto”For Heros · For Love“(Chu Ci) by Bochan Li

大提琴与钢琴《暗火》   朱凯奇
“Dark Fire“ for Cello and Piano by Kaiqi Zhu

大提琴与钢琴《回忆》   朱凯奇
“Memory“for Cello and Piano by Kaiqi Zhu

《离》大提琴与钢琴   董学礼
Departure“ for Cello and Piano by Xueli Dong

大提琴曲《楚韵》   翟渊国
“Chu Yun“ for Cello by Yuanguo Zhai

《每一个名字》大提琴三重奏   刘晖
“Every Name“ for Cello Trio by Hui Liu

《咏生》大提琴与钢琴   韩红
“Yong Sheng“ for Cello and Piano by Hong Han

《管芒花》大提琴与室内管弦乐   陈士惠

“Silvergrass“ for Cello and Chamber Orchestra by Shih-Hui Chen

大提琴独奏《遥》   秦文琛

“Yao“ for Cello Solo by Wenchen Qin
----- 2021-----

《乡·月》为大提琴与管弦乐队而作   岳淼
“Village·Moon“ for Cello and Orchestra by Miao Yue

大提琴独奏《黑过夜色》   胡文杰
“Darker than Night for Cello Solo by Wenjie Hu

大提琴协奏曲《云山乱》   曲航
“Cloud Mountain Disoderly“ Cello Concerto by Hang Qu

大提琴与钢琴《夏弦》   姜唯佳

“Summer String“ for Cello and Piano by Weijia Jiang

》   谢衍
“Personality Disorder of Schizotypal“ for Cello and Piano by Yan Xie

》   车牧易
“Thai Scene“ for Cello and Piano by Muyi Che

》   夏越洋
“Delay“ for Two Cellos by Yueyang Xia

》   齐辰梓
“Bellman“ for Cello and Piano by Chenzi Qi

》   史付红
“Jianjia“ for Cello and Piano by Fuhong Shi

》   付莉
“Puti“ for Cello Solo by Li Fu

》   李志纯
“Diversite“  Cello Suite by Chihchun Chi-sun Lee

》   黎雍贤
“South Lion“ for Cello and Piano by Yongxian Li

Sonata for Cello and Piano by Taoran Wang

为大提琴独奏而作   刘冬冬
Cello Solo by Dongdong Liu

小提琴与大提琴双重协奏曲《石门库随想曲》   赵光

”Shimenku“ Violin and Cello Double Concerto by Guang Zhao

大提琴独奏《在刹那间凝视佛陀的微笑》   文子洋

Gaze at the Buddha‘s Smile in an Instant for Cello Solo by Ziyang Wen

《静默······于纸墨之间》大提琴与五面锣而作   赵曦

“Silent···inside the paper and ink”Cello Solo and Five by Xi Zhao

----- 2022-----

大提琴独奏《草原的风》   胡文杰
“The Wind of the Glassland“ for Cello Solo by Wenjie Hu

大提琴与钢琴《熊猫》   顾子艺

“Panda“ for Cello and Piano by Ziyi Gu
大提琴与钢琴《朝曦》   易嘉欣
“Chao Xi“ for Cello and Piano by Cinnie Yi
《百雁图》为大提琴独奏而作   张莹
“Hundred Geese Painting“ for Cello Solo by Ying Zhang

----- 2023 -----

----- 2024 -----

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