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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!

大提琴与钢琴《春到大凉山》    王培凡
​“Spring to Daliang Mountain” for Cello and Piano by Peifan Wang

大提琴与钢琴《远山的秋思》    张炳勋

“Autumn Thoughts of Distant Mountains” for Cello and Piano by Bingxun Zhang
----- 1981  -----
大提琴与钢琴《舞诗》    黄安伦
”Poem for Dance“ forCello and Piano by Anlun Huang
大提琴狂想曲《豫》    关峡
Cello Rhapsody “Yu” by Xia Guan
----- 1982 -----
《遗风 I》为带扩音器的大提琴而作     葛甘孺
”Lost Style“ for Amplified Cello by Ge Gan-ru
大提琴与钢琴《山歌》     翟小松
”Mountain Song“ forCello and Piano by Xiaosong Zhai
大提琴与钢琴《巴》   郭文景
​“Ba” for Cello and Piano by Wenjing Guo
大提琴与钢琴《中国之诗》     叶小纲
”Poem of China“ for Cello and Piano by Xiaogang Ye

大提琴协奏曲《还我河山》     黄小龙

”Restore our lost Land“ Cello Concerto by Xiaolong Huang
----- 1983 -----
大提琴与钢琴《红河的孩子》   作者: 田联韬  改编: 宋涛
“Son of the Red River” for Cello and Piano by Liantao Tian  Arr. Song Tao
----- 1984 -----
大提琴与钢琴《怀念》   高为杰
“Yearning” for Cello and Piano by Weijie Gao
为四把大提琴而作的乐曲   张千一
A work for 4 Cellos by Qianyi Zhang

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