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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!

----- 2005 -----

大提琴奏鸣曲  钱 亮

Cello Sonata by Qian Liang


《手眼身法步》 方岽清
”Hands and Eyes Steps“ by Fang Dongqing


《2008 Passions》为大提琴与钢琴 钱 琦

"2008 Passions" for cello and piano by Qian Qi


《女狙击手反法西斯日志》 王斐南
"Female Sniper Anti-Fascist Journal" by Wang Feinan


大提琴独奏曲《琵琶上路》 符方泽
Cello solo "Pipa on Road" by Fu Fangze


《川腔》为大提琴独奏曲 邹向平
"Chuan Qiang" for cello solo" by  Xiangping Zou


《脸谱》 贾 瑶

"Facebook" for Cello solo by Yao Jia

《我遥远的南京》为大提琴与乐队而作     叶小纲

’My distant Nanjing‘ for Cello and Orchestra by Xiaogang Ye

《狂想曲》大提琴独奏    奚望

"Rhapsody“ for cello solo by Wang Xi

大提琴与钢琴《念白》    权吉浩

"Monologue“ for Cello and Piano by Jihao Quan

大提琴与乐队《泉源》    董立强

"Spring“ for Cello and Orchestra by Liqiang Dong

大提琴与钢琴《四首台湾民谣随想曲》    姚盛昌

"Four Taiwan Folk Caprice“ for Cello and Piano by Shengchang Yao

双大提琴《涉江序列变奏曲》    丁冰

"Variations on the She River‘s Sequence“ for Two Cellos by Bing Ding

《魅影》为大提琴与计算机而作    彭丹

"Phantom“ for Cello and Computer by Dan Peng

----- 2006 -----
大提琴《萦怀》  李博禅
"Su huai" for cello by Bochan Li

大提琴独奏《四个片段》  黄若

"Four Fragments" for cello solo by Ruo Huang
----- 2007 -----

《奏鸣曲》为大提琴与马林巴而作     陆培
"Sonata" for Cello and Marimba by Pei Lu

《土风》为大提琴与长笛     赵亮

"Folk" for Cello and Flute by Liang Zhao

----- 2008 -----
《庄周梦》大提琴协奏曲    赵季平
"Zhuang Zhou's Dream" Cello Concerto by Jiping Zhao
大提琴协奏曲《中国女孩》  黄晓枫
​Cello Concerto “Chinese Girl” by Austin Huang
大提琴协奏曲《黎明》 秦文琛
Cello Concerto “Dawn” by QinWen Chen
溯 四把大提琴与钢琴而作  周湘林
“Shuo” for 4 Cellos and Piano by Xianglin Zhou
《琉璃》(为大提琴和电子音乐而作/ 5.1 多声道系统)   周媛
Liuli (for Cello and electronic music / 5.1 multi-channel system)  and by Yuan Zhou
《怒给日勒》为十二把大提琴而作      方岽青
"Nu Gei Ri Le" for twelve cellos by Dongqing Fang
大提琴《冬之歌》     方岽青
"Melody of Winter" for cello by Dongqing Fang
大提琴《车窗上的霜》     方岽青
"Frost on the car window" for cello by Dongqing Fang
大提琴《梦幻的爱》     方岽青
"Love of Fantasy" for cello by Dongqing Fang
大提琴《寂静的夜》     方岽青
"Silent Night" for cello by Dongqing Fang
----- 2009 -----
浪漫·大提琴协奏曲     金希文
​Romantic Cello Concerto by Gordon S. W. Chin
大提琴与钢琴《古格王国废墟》     李一丁
“Guge Kingdom Ruins“ for Cello and Piano by Yiding Li
《山峦幻象》为大提琴与钢琴而作   霍霏霏
​”Idol of Mountain“ for Cello and Piano by Feifei Huo
大提琴《不要说离别》  方岽青
​”Never Say Farewell“ for Cello by Dongqing Fang
大提琴《摩尔普斯之歌》  方岽青
​”Bagatelle of Morpheus“ for Cello by Dongqing Fang
大提琴与交响乐队协奏曲《英雄的碑文》  方岽青
​”Inscription of the Hero“ Cello Concerto by Dongqing Fang
大提琴独奏《阳关叠序》  徐之彤
​”Yang Guan Die Xu“ for Cello Solo by Zhitong Xu
大提琴独奏《遥远的尽头》  李博
​”The Long Distance“ for Cello Solo by Bo Li

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