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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!

----- 2000 -----
《行草》为大提琴与三个打击乐而作      翟小松
​“Xingcao”  for Cello and Three Percussions by Xiaosong Zhai
《喜马拉雅随想曲》大提琴与钢琴       田联稻&宋涛
​“Himalayan Capriccio”  for Cello and Piano by Liandao Tian & Tao Song
----- 2001  -----
《河曲》大提琴与二胡       杨勇
​“River Song”  for Cello and Erhu by Yong Yang

大提琴与钢琴《萧和钦的浪漫》       陈怡
‘Romance of Hsiao and Chin‘ for Cello and Piano by Chen Yi

大提琴独奏《民谣》       方满

‘Folk Songs‘ for Cello Solo by Man Fang
----- 2002 -----
《地图》大提琴及多媒体交响协奏曲   谭盾
”The Map“ Concerto for Cello, Video and Orchestra by Tan Dun
第二首大提琴与钢琴奏鸣曲      高平
Sonata No.2 for Cello and Piano by Gao Ping
《为一颗遗失的石头》大提琴与打击乐      梁雷
‘For a Lost Stone’ for Cello and Percussion by Lei Liang
----- 2003 -----
大提琴协奏曲《叙事曲、舞曲与幻想曲》      陈怡
Ballad, Dance, and Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra  by Chen Yi

大提琴与二胡《戈壁赞》      梁雷
Gobi Polyphony for Cello and Erhu  by Lei Liang

《国殇》不用弓的大提琴独奏 朱世瑞
"Guo Shang" for cello solo without bow" by Zhu Shirui

《五度二重奏》为两把大提琴而作      姚娟

“Fifth duet” for Two Cellos  by Juan Yao
----- 2004 -----
大提琴协奏曲“遗风 II”      葛甘孺
"Lost Style II" for Cello and Orchestra by Ge gan-ru

大提琴与室内管弦乐组曲      陈怡
Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds by Chen Yi

大提琴与乐队《埃莉诺之礼》     陈怡
’Eleanor's Gift‘ for solo cello and orchestra by Chen Yi

大提琴与小提琴《戈壁赋》     梁雷
’Gobi Canticle‘ for solo cello and violin by Lei Liang

大提琴与钢琴《磐涅》     徐亮
’Nirvana‘ for cello and piano by Liang Xu

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