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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!

----- 1990 -----
C大调大提琴协奏曲     萧泰然
Cello Concerto in C by Tyzen Hsiao
路漫漫·大提琴协奏曲     关迺忠
”Lu Man Man“ Cello Concerto in by Naizhong Guan
大提琴与交响乐队《黄昏》     张豪夫
”Dusk“ for Cello and Orchestra in by Haofu Zhang
----- 1991 -----
----- 1992 -----
大提琴协奏曲    周文中
Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra by Wen Chung Chou
秋叶照茅亭    曲:蔡邕或左思 打谱,编曲:吴文光
'The autumn moon shines on the thatched pavilion' by Yong Cai or Si Zuo, Arr. Wenguang Wu
----- 1993 -----
大提琴随想曲    吴志闹
Cello Rhapsody by Zhinao Wu
为大提琴与打击乐而作的《第八交响曲》    朱践耳
“The 8th Symphony” for Cello and Percussion by Jian‘er Zhu
大提琴独奏曲《盛开》    Dorothy Chang
’Bloom‘ for Cello Solo by Dorothy Chang
大提琴与交响乐队《远籁》   徐孟东
​“Far From” for Cello and Orchestra by MengDong Xu
九把大提琴《水墨画之冥想》   马水龙
​“Meditation in Ink Painting” for Nine Cellos by Shui-Long Ma

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----- 1994 -----
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