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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!

----- 1995 -----
----- 1996 -----
第一首大提琴与钢琴奏鸣曲      高平
Sonata N o.1 for Cello and Piano by Gao Ping

大提琴独奏《每日都是玛雅日》     林品晶

”Jeder Tag ein Maya Tag“ for Cello Solo by Bun-ching Lam
----- 1997 -----

大提琴协奏曲   潘皇龍

Cello Concerto by Pan Hwang-long

《鹰之高原》 为大提琴与计算机而作    冷岑松

’Eagle Plateau‘ for Cello and Computer by Censong Leng

----- 1998 -----
大提琴协奏曲《逝去的时光》   陈其钢
 Cello Concerto “Reflect d'Un Temps Disparu” (Reflection of a Vanished Time) by Qigang Chen

大提琴与钢琴《迷宫·逍遥游》   潘皇龙

“Maze·Getaway“ for cello and piano by Pan Hwang-long 

大提琴协奏曲《纹》   权吉浩

“Tatoo” Cello Concerto by Jihao Quan

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----- 1999 -----

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