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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!

大提琴与乐队《回忆》  施咏康
​“Memory” for Cello and Orchestra by Yongkang Shi
大提琴与钢琴《咏赋》  王非
​“Endowent” for Cello and Piano by Fei Wang
大提琴协奏曲    翟小松
Cello Concerto by Xiaosong Zhai

大提琴曲《往事》   王连三
“Pass” for Cello by Liansan Wang

大提琴曲《相逢在北京》    王连三
“Meeting in Beijing” for Cello by Liansan Wang
----- 1986-----
大提琴协奏曲《索》    许舒亚
”Suo“ Cello Concerto by Shuya Xu

大提琴四重奏《八仙图》    崔炳元
”The eight Immortals ( in Taoist mythology)“ for Cello Quartet by Bingyuan Cui

大提琴《夜曲》     陈铭志

“Nucturne” for cello by Mingzhi Chen
----- 1987 -----
大提琴与钢琴《山灵》    刘之
”The Mountain Spirit“ for Cello and Piano by Zhi Liu

《对花》为一支大提琴与百支大提琴而作    罗忠镕

”Dialogue“ for Solo Cello and Hundreds of Cellos by Zhongrong Luo

----- 1988 -----

《黄昏》为大提琴与钢琴而作    张豪夫
”Sunset“ for Cello and Piano by Haofu Zhang

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----- 1985 -----
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