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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!


"Gu Qin" by Liang Nan


"Lin Chong" Fang Dongqing


"Broken Bridge" by Xu Ke


"The Far and Near of Thoughts" by Ma Yuxuan


"Qin Yu Strings" by Huo Yin


 "Chasing the Light" by Peng Rongxin



"A Fine Sketch" by Yu Chuan



"Fantasia" by Shang Pei Lei

月下独酌为大提琴与钢琴而作   刘长远

”Lonely Drinking under the Moon“ for Cello and Piano by Changyuan Liu

大提琴《香之舞II》   何训田

”Dance of Incense“ for Cello by Xuntian he

大提琴与京胡协奏曲《霸王别姬》   钟耀光

”Farewell,My Concubine“ Concerto for Cello and Jinghu by Yaoguang Zhong

大提琴四重奏《深海》   丁冰

”Deep Ocean“ for Cello Quartet by Bing Ding

大提琴《飞翔》   方岽青

”Flying“ for Cello by Dongqing Fang

大提琴,钢琴与八重奏《虫儿飞》   方岽青

”Dancing Elfins“ for Cello,  Piano and Octagon by Dongqing Fang

大提琴与乐队《爱之翼》   方岽青

”Wing of Love“ for Cello and Orchestra by Dongqing Fang

大提琴独奏《知音》   徐仪

”ZhiYin“ for Cello by Yi Xu

F大调大提琴协奏曲   黄安伦

Cello Concerto in F Major by ANlun Huang

----- 2010 -----


 大提琴协奏曲:交响诗《红楼梦》  王立平
Cello Concerto: Symphonic Poem "Dream of Red Chamber" by Liping Wang
《第一大提琴协奏曲》  陆培
Cello Concerto No.1 by Pei Lu
大提琴独奏《思念》      陈怡
Memory for Cello Solo by Chen Yi
大提琴·二胡与民族乐团《相望》   钟立民 周兰萍 曲,赵东升编曲  
'Looking Far' for Cello & Erhu and Traditional Orchestra by Limin Zhong & Lanping Zhou,Arr. Dongsheng Zhao
《苹果花开的时候》为四把大提琴而作     林育
‘When the Apple Flowers Opened’ for Four Cellos by Yu Lin
《欣欣向荣》大提琴与钢琴二重奏    谢隆广
‘Blossoming’ for Cello and Piano by Long-Kwang Hsieh
大提琴协奏曲《木卡姆印象》    杨立青
”​Mukam Impression“ Cello Concerto by Yang Liqing
大提琴协奏曲《祖国》    熊融礼
”​Motherland“ Cello Concerto by Rongli Xiong
第一大提琴协奏曲    陈牧声
The First Cello Concerto by Musheng Chen
大提琴与京胡《别》    杨春林
”​Leave“ for Cello and Jinghu by Chunlin Yang

大提琴与古筝《秋思》    周静
”​Melancolique“ for Cello and Zheng by Jing Zhou

双大提琴《流水》    刘音彤
”​Flowing Water“ for Two Cellos by Yintong Liu

双大提琴《岭南随想曲》    任达敏
”​Cantonese Capriccio“ for cello and piano by Da‘min Ren

大提琴协奏曲《寻梦土山湾》    徐光启
”​Dream-seeking on Tushan Bay“ Cello Concerto by Guangqi Xu

大提琴与钢琴《秋叶赋》   罗紫艺
“Autumn Leaves Ode“ for Cello and Piano by Ziyi Luo

《深山歌语》为大提琴与钢琴而作   魏至功

“Deep folk language“ for Cello and Piano by Zhigong Wei
大提琴与钢琴《鸿雁》   姜万通
“Hong Yan(Swan Goose)“ for Cello and Piano by Wantong Jiang

大提琴独奏《思》   王珏
“Si“ for Cello Solo by Jue Wang

大提琴独奏《舞》   王珏
“Dance“ for Cello Solo by Jue Wang

《醉花阴》为大提琴与双簧管而作   阮昆生
“Intoxicated in the Shades of the Flowers“ for Violoncello and Oboe by Kunsheng Ruan

《阿哩哩》为大提琴与古筝而作   阮昆生
“Ah Li Li“ for Violoncello and Guzheng by Kunsheng Ruan

《惊梦游园》为琵琶昆曲与大提琴而作   蔡东铧

“Dream Tour“ for Kun opera, Pipa and Cello by Donghua Cai

大提琴与钢琴《湘情赋》   高松华

“Ode to Hunan Legend“ for Cello and Piano by Songhua Gao

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