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​Chinese New Cello Music is Here!!!


2010 Shanghai Spring International Music Festival Competition for Cello Works



First Prize "Gu Qin" by Liang Nan

By using the tone and melody of the bitter sound of the Qin dynasty (the crying sound) as the material of the pitch, the song uses the special sound of the cello and the piano to create the sound of the ancient piano, which creates an ancient Changan mood and expresses ancient China about the refined charm of the literati.



First Prize "Lin Chong" Fang Dongqing

This piece of music focuses on the portrayal of the characters with different effects. The snowy performance shows the romantic temperament in the hero's bones; the killing performance hero "Fengxueshan Temple" has a fold, and uses the powerful cello plucking string and the piano's percussion effect to describe the scene of intense fighting in the snow. At night, Lin Chong, with extreme sorrow and anger and anger, braved the wind and snow and went to the Liangshan Mountain for a night.



Second Prize "Broken Bridge" by Xu Ke

This song is in the performance of the mythical story "White Snake", Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi's beautiful and complex feelings. In the works, the special sing-along technique of the cello is used to imitate the rhythm of the rhyme in the opera music, and it is featured as a feature throughout the whole song. Interpret the changes in different speeds, strengths, and tone tensions to express the inner collision and emotional entanglement between the two...



Second Prize, "The Far and Near of Thoughts" by Ma Yuxuan

This song is written by the author for the grandmother's eighty birthday. The whole song is divided into introduction, slow board and allegro. The author intends to express the grandmother's memories and feelings of the past years through the rich artistic appeal of the cello. The sound of the piano is gradually drifting away, and the thoughts are far and near.



Second Prize "Qin Yu Strings" by Huo Yin

The heart is in sorrow, or anxious; or stunned, or lost. All the real and complicated memory fragments, I don’t know how to say them, I can’t say them; the pens are stranded in one place, constantly undulating. Therefore, this work releases his dreams and speaks to himself.



Third Prize "Chasing the Light" by Peng Rongxin

"Light" implies my heart. From the meditation on the inner heart to the characterization of the eruption, combined with the depiction of the faint light and shadow to the final convergence of the sound process, it reproduces the trajectory and the unstoppable pursuit of inner ideals and beliefs. power.


阿细人是彝族的主要支系之一,族人能歌善舞,其民间音乐也有独特的风格。“山歌”取材于阿细民歌中最为丰富的一种体裁“爱情歌” ,曲调优美柔情,以歌唱爱情生活为主题。“跳月” 是阿细人的民间传统舞蹈,其节奏鲜明,情绪欢快。“跳月”又称“跳乐”,阿细语为“高斯比”,即“快乐地跳舞”。

Third Prize "A Fine Sketch" by Yu Chuan

A fine person is one of the main branches of the Yi people. The people can sing and dance, and their folk music also has a unique style. "Song Song" is based on the most genre of "A Love Song" in A's folk songs. The tunes are beautiful and tender, and the theme of singing love life is the theme. “Jumping the Moon” is a folk traditional dance of the Axi people, with a clear rhythm and cheerful emotions. "Jumping the moon" is also called "jumping music", and the Azi language is "Gaussian", that is, "Happy dancing."



Third Prize "Fantasia" by Shang Pei Lei

The whole song is divided into three parts. The music is rich in change, the degree of relaxation, the dynamic and static order of music. The author portrays people's journeys in the world of thought from different perspectives: or delusions, or meditation, or contemplation... reflecting the freedom of the human spiritual world.

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